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When it comes to sunglasses styles, there’s no doubt it’s a difficult task to deal. Just to name few, from aviator, oval, square, wayfarer to clubmaster sunglasses.


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When the sun starts to shine, it's time to get your pair of sunglasses. They are one of the most popular accessories to have, either in your car or carry with you.


As it says by its name, at the 20th-century aviators/pilots used to wear them. That's how they got its name by now. Of course, everyone wears them now. Aviator/Pilot sunglasses have a teardrop shape with a metal frame.


Wearing them, you might feel like a butterfly because they are light as a butterfly. The lenses are large that covers much of the face and itcomes with a plastic frame. Butterfly sunglasses shows that you are in charge!


No doubt, with such sunglasses, you will take a damn good look. Brownline sunglasses have a thicker frame at the top and thinner frame at the bottom.


Nowadays, cat-eye sunglasses are very popular, because of their shape. Mostly they are made out of a plastic frame, but sometimes you can find in a metal frame also.


By its name, lenses are oval, usually comes with a plastic frame, sometimes with metal frame.


Quite popular these with no half-frame at the bottom.


They are on the trend. One of the popular sunglasses types with circular shape lenses. They are colorful and comes with a metal frame.


Shape the same as a shield, you are shielded! Adds a nice look. They cover most of the face from direct sun.


Yes, they are square, and they give you a bit of square look. Best fits to oval shaped person.


They were manufactured since 1956, by Ray-Ban sunglasses company. They came back to trend in 1982 and stayed till today! Add some versatile style with a thick frame. Nowadays the wayfarer style is on the trend.       
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