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Wallets, probably every person has at least one. Either, you need to carry your ID, bank card, discount cards and of course money. Most of the time it’s hard to find the right one. That’s why here you can choose any color, any design, any size. Brands such as Blu Byblos, Coach, Emporio Armani, Furla, Gucci, Laura Biagiotti, Love Moschino, Versace Jeans. Discover more now!


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Wallets, the place where you keep your most important documents and your fortune, yes money. There are many kinds of wallets to choose from Bi-fold, card case, ID card, large, slim, to zippered wallets.

Bi-fold Wallet

Bi-fold wallets are a perfect size, neither too large or too small. Usually, it comes in a rectangle shape and folds in half. Perfect for holding ID cards, credit cards, receipts, money, and even your personal notes.

Card Case Wallet

As the name says, it is perfect for ID cards, credit cards, receipts, also you can fold some money, but just far enough for a good dinner or a night out.

ID Card Wallet

Either it is suitable for id cards or credit cards, has only a few slots, but is small and handy.

Large Wallet

Large wallet or a purse, most used by women, have many slots for ID cards, credit cards, notes and more. Also, have a zipping area for money, even can fit a small notebook and a pen.

Slim Wallet

They are extremely slim but compactable, usually, it has many card slots and can fit money. Even folded it is slim and easily fits into your pocket.

Zippered wallets

Such wallets have zip closures and zip pulls. Leather design wallets with zip closures last longer than with fabric ones. 
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