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Diesel Watches

Diesel Watches – 2019 Spring Fashion

Diesel watches are one of the most popular watch brands today. Of course, this wasn’t for the whole history of diesel. Maybe 5 years ago Diesel watches became more and more popular with their wide face and gunmetal color. It brings elegance and outstanding look, if you wear a Diesel watch, it will definitely be spotted.

More about Diesel history, in 1978 Renzo Rosso (the founder of Diesel company) bought 40% manufacturer company which was called Moltex. Then, he named Moltex company to Diesel company, that’s how Diesel brand was born.

Diesel has been known for their jeans, but 5 years ago their watches became more and more known around the globe. Daddy collection watches are on trend nowadays, they have “big” face all of them come with Quartz movement, chronograph and date features.

Diesel Watch Daddy 2.0


Diesel Watches

This elegant watch comes has chronograph and date features. A case is made out of stainless steel with quartz movement. Wide face adds a strong and self-confidence look.


Diesel Watch Brown Leather Strap


Diesel Watches


This masterpiece right away stuns with its look. With quartz movement and chronograph and date features. If you’re obsessed with watches, this one is a must-have.


Diesel Watch Ironside


Diesel Watches


This gunmetal stainless steel body with dark brown leather and blue dial adds the complete look to your outfit. It comes with quartz movement also, with chronograph feature.


Diesel Watch With Brown Strap


Diesel Watches


This is an elegant man signature with its gunmetal stainless steel body and chocolate brown leather strap. Comes with chronograph feature and quartz movement.

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