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Trainers Complete Ultimate Guide – Type, Care, Longer Lasting

Trainers Complete Ultimate Guide – Type, Care, Longer Lasting

In this trainers guide, I’ll describe types of trainers, how to take care of them so they will last longer.
Let’s face it, shoes do the heavy-lifting. Also, we can’t live without them, that’s a fact. Shoes do their job by taking you from one place to another. Either, you can ruin them easily or take care of them so they will last longer than usual.
Trainers are most widely used in any kind of sports. Well, at least it was back in the ’90s, nowadays people use them for everyday usage. Why? Because today’s trainers are designed so precisely, that you can wear them with anything you want.
However, there’s a lot to talk about trainers, so let’s begin.
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1. Trainers types

When it comes to trainers types there are many of them, such as athletic, leather, textile blends, slip-on, skate, synthetic, and designer trainers.

1.1 Athletic

As it says by its type, they are usually best to wear if you’re going to face some activity. Although, you can wear them for a casual walk, as they are designed for casual wear also.
Adidas Women's Trainers
Adidas Women’s White Teal Trainers
Adidas Men's Dark Blue Trainers
Adidas Men’s Dark Blue Trainers

1.2 Leather

No wonder, that those types are mostly is made of leather, or with some leather design ornaments. They perfectly fit with a pair of jeans or any casual style.
Adidas Stan Smith Unisex Black Leather Trainers
Adidas Stan Smith Unisex Black Leather Trainers

1.3 Textile blended

Mostly, made of textile mixes. With these kinds, you can customize your foot look for sure. There’re no limits on how you can change your style with them.
Guess Women's Black Trainers High-Ankle
Guess Women’s Trainers High-Ankle

1.4 Slip-on

Either you’re on the rush or just for a walk through town, it’s a good choice. Slip-on trainers usually come without laces, but not all of them. Just don’t pick them for a run, they are not as comfy as athletic ones.
Vans Classic Slip-On Unisex White Black Trainers
Vans Classic Slip-On Unisex White Black Trainers

1.5 Skate

All of us remember them back in the ’00s. Yes, those ugly looking shoes, that probably no one would’ve thought that they will come back into fashion. But everything has changed since Nike released their Converse brand. Also, Adidas and the rest of the trainer’s brands do have their style of skate trainers. Nowadays, one of the biggest brands of skate’s is Vans. They do offer the widest range of skates.
Vans Old Skool Women's Pink Trainers
Vans Old Skool Women’s Pink Trainers

1.6 Synthetic

Well, these kinds have a wide range to choose from. Because today any kind of trainers made can or have some trace of synthetic.
Nike Tanjun Men's Black Trainers
Nike Tanjun Men’s Black Trainers

1.7 Designer

Lastly, but not least we come up to designer type. I wouldn’t count them out, most of the time they might be pricey, but the quality and look are worth the money. There is plenty of designer’s that can outstand with gorgeously designed trainers.
Gucci Women's Beige Trainers
Gucci Women’s Beige Trainers
Love Moschino Women's White Trainers
Love Moschino Women’s White Trainers
Versace Jeans Women's Gold Trainers
Versace Jeans Women’s Gold Trainers

2. Ankle types of trainers

Ankle types, that can be a high-top, mid-top, low-top ankle.

2.1 High-top ankle

It’s mostly common for basketball use, although there are some designs that can fit well with jeans or any other wardrobe. As high-top ankle are warmer and heavier, because of the design, it still feels comfy and flexible.
Adidas Advanced Support Men's Red Trainers
Adidas Advanced Support Men’s Red Trainers

2.2 Mid-top ankle

This kind is still in their baby form, as they have been launched a couple of years ago. But they are very light, comfortable and suitable for any kind of activity, including a walking.
U.S. Polo Men's Black Trainers
U.S. Polo Men’s Black Trainers

2.3 Low-top ankle

We come to the most common kind. Everyone has a pair if not two or more. A low-top ankle is the most popular in the world. There are thousands, if not millions of different kinds of designs. They are comfortable, affordable, very lightweight and lasts long.
Lacoste Men's Blue Orange Trainers
Lacoste Men’s Blue Orange Trainers

3. Taking care of your trainers with your home stuff


3.1 Hacks how to make white trainers white again?

Usually, all of us face the same problem wearing white trainers, they don’t look white after a few weeks of using them.

To keep them white, you’ll need:

· Clean cloth.
· Warm water.
· Toothbrush (don’t brush your teeth after that).
· White-cream toothpaste, it’s normal toothpaste, don’t use the gel ones, it won’t work.

Step-by-step how to clean your white trainers.

· Remove the laces.
· Take a clean cloth and wash them with warm water.
· Add some toothpaste on your trainer’s soles (Important! Apply only to trainers soles).
· Gently brush soles in a circular motion with your toothbrush.
· Rinse trainers.


3.2 Of course, there several types of cleaning your white kicks.

For another type you will need:
· Clean cloth, non-scratch sponge or cotton rounds (a good few of them)
· Warm water.
· Fingernail polish remover.
Step-by-step how to clean your white trainers.
· First two steps are the same as previous, take out laces.
· Take a clean cloth and wash them with warm water.
· Clean them and let dry them a bit.
· Carefully apply fingernail posh remover on your non-scratch sponge or cotton rounds (preferable cotton rounds).
· Place them on your trainer’s soles and swing them in a circular motion.
· After you’re done, rinse with warm water.

 3.3 The last tip, wash them but don’t overdo it.


Above mentioned hacks how to clean your white trainers can be used often, every few days if not every single one. The last hack of cleaning your white trainers is simple, but don’t overdo it, as it will ruin your trainer’s fabric if it’s done too often.

 Step-by-step how to clean your trainers.

· Loosen your laces a bit, no need to take them out because you want them clean.
· Throw them into the washing machine with some clothes (preferably white trainers with white clothes, black trainers with black clothes and if they are colored, I strongly suggest not to wash them or wash with one some old cloth that won’t impact your colored trainers).
· Every trainer’s have their own material preferences, so check the recommendation for washing temperature. Usually, you can find it inside your shoe with all other specifications. If you’re not sure or maybe the label is worn off, I strongly suggest you wash them in a 30oC – 40oC (86oF – 104oF)

3.4 Washing Recommendations

Don’t wash your trainers too often inside the washing machine as it slowly damages your trainer’s fabric. And they might lose their color by doing it so often. Also, note if your trainers is a high-end designer, they might have some ornament attachments or something, I would recommend twist them into some cloth and tighten it up so it won’t get uptight during the washing process. Usually, high-end designer brands have high-quality trainers and all ornaments are sewn with care and tightly, so you won’t lose it. For cheaper trainers, I wouldn’t recommend washing your trainer’s if they have some ornaments or any other attachments.
Overall, maintain your trainer’s and they will last longer and of course, look prettier. What is your favorite type of trainers, brand and cleaning process? Leave a comment below.
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