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For a good monitor, you shouldn't save money, as the better the monitor the better the visual quality you'll receive. Also, more expensive ones have a feature that reduces eye tiredness and is better for your eye-sight. Although you shouldn't go with way too big monitor, of course, bigger is better than the smaller one. 27-inch with the 4k resolution is most recommendable for basic usage. For gaming consider buying over 27-inch for the best gaming experience.

Aspect Ratio

21:9 aspect ratio 2.35:1 its a 34-inch that is super-widescreen and most of them comes with a curved display. 16:9 with aspect ratio 1.77:1 is great for basic usage.


The higher the resolution, the higher the quality of display you'll get. At the moment a 4k resolution is the highest, but note, that if you watch a movie that is Full HD resolution, you won't see any difference. Also, if you're considering buying a 4k resolution monitor, make sure your graphics card supports it.
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