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Watches are an expression of personal attitude to fashion. Although watches are one of the main accessories. Nowadays, it's hard to choose the right one. Because there are many aspects. From automatic, chronograph, digital, large, luxury, mechanical, pilot,  slim, sports, smart, swiss, quartz, to two-tone watches.

Automatic Watches

If an automatic watch is worn daily, it no needs to be winded. It is because of regular motions that are produced by a person who wears the watch. The rotor stores the energy which spins when the arm does move. Automatic watch energy can last up to 48 hours while not worn.

Chronograph Watches

It is watch feature that lets you start or stop the watch. Usually used in events and racing.

Digital Watches

Digital watches are the ones who have hours, minutes and seconds displayed in digits. Casio brand does lead the market in digital watches.

Large Watches

Most used by men, because of the size. The watch body is rather larger than regular, this type of watches market belongs to Diesel brand.

Luxury Watches

This kind of type is made with expensive materials, added with gemstones. It is suitable for watch collectors who cherish the precision and handcraft in a watch. Most of the luxury watches do express watchmaker hard work.

Mechanical Watches

If you love the 'ticking' sound, then you have to look for a mechanical watch. Those types use a mechanism to measure the passage of time. Nowadays watches mostly are made with quartz function, which uses an electronic passage of time measurement.

Pilot Watches

As the name itself says. The pilot watches are most used to be used by an aviator's so-called pilots. They are rather durable, because of how high pilots have to go up into the sky.

Slim Watches

Women conquer this type of watches. It does nicely fit to women arm and blends with its thin design.

Sports Watches

They are lightweight and have many features, to measure the running distance, heartbeat and more. Today, sports watches are more and more popular, as the world goes into a healthy living style.

Smart Watches

No need to introduce them, they are getting more and more popular these days. It has many features, like smartphones just five times smaller, they are compactable, lightweight. Have you ever though calling a friend while swimming? Or enjoying yourself sunny days on a beach, while wearing only a bikini.

Swiss Watches

Watches that are made with swiss movement mechanism lasts a lifetime. In a watch made with swiss movement, there's no battery required. Instead, it uses energy from a wound-up mainspring.

Quartz Watches

Quartz watches require a battery, so if you got a watch with quartz movement, the battery will need to be changed from time to time.

Two-tone Watches

They are either popular in both genders. Two-tones gives the exceptional look, these watches have a beautiful design, which gives the top-notch look. If you can't find a watch that you're looking for, consider two-tone watches
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